Aviation Flight

Why Study at Andrews?

The Andrews Advantage

With its own airfield within walking distance from campus, Andrews University offers a competitive aviation program.  The aviation department operates a fleet of single-engine Piper Archers, a Piper Arrow and a Piper Seminole for flight training courses. All aircraft are professionally maintained by the departments' FAA-certified mechanics.

Our flight simulation building with flight training devices is used for training and draws community and nearby companies to use the simulators as well.   Also used is a Mitsubishi MU2 that we use for ground operations and learning the complexity of a turbo prop start cycle.

The aviation department also offers employment opportunities to advanced students as Certified Flight Instructors and licensed Maintenance students to obtain valuable experience and expertise as openings allow.
Flight instructors within the first two years of their university career  start student teaching the fall of their Junior year.  Your interview starts the moment you begin your Andrews career as an aviation freshman. 

Mission training combined with flight training from experienced mission pilots with airframe and powerplant certificates is also available.
Andrews offers many other world mission and cultural courses on a highly multicultural campus, from studying abroad to becoming a student missionary for a year.

Flight students gain valuable corporate experience in crew resource management, while gaining multi-engine flight time. The Aviation Department offers transitional training for turboprop and light jets in our flight training devices as well as glass cockpit training with-in our Piper fleet.

Graduates from Andrews University's Aviation program have successfully entered a variety of aviation-related fields, from mission pilots to commercial pilots, crop dusters to corporate jets, service men and women who have flown large cargo style aircraft to medivac helicopters.  Our professors are genuinely interested in your success; dedicated to ensuring you realize your career ambitions in an academically stimulating and spiritually enriching environment.