Academic Bulletin 2017-2018

The Academic Bulletin is a quintessential piece of a students scholastic career. Included in the Bulletin is information regarding classes pertaining to the academic year, programs, courses,  lab fees, course fees, and department information.


You will find information regarding all of the different Degrees we offer here at the Department of Aviation below. From an Associates to a Bachelors, Minors to general Federal Aviation Administration Certifications, you can achieve your dreams with us. 

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Undergraduate Minors
Certificates - FAA Certification


These charges tell  you about all of the classes we offer.  Depending on which classes you take there may be additional fees associated.

Flight Majors

  • Flight-training fees are to be paid at the beginning of each semester.
    • This is to insure that flight training progresses without interruption due to financial limitations. 
  • Any additional flight or ground instruction, beyond each training module and/or course lab fee, will incur additional training fees. 
  • Students must plan to cover their own costs of:
    • the 1st class FAA Medical, and
    • In the case of international students:
      • TSA application fee
      • FAA written tests,
      • Charts
      • NOTE: Additional materials cannot be charged against the flight training fees.

Please note: Flight training fees are non-refundable.
Students should plan to complete their training within the semester they have enrolled for the course. 
If due to special circumstances, approved by the departments; students unable to complete the training, may be given a specified extension to finish using their flight during the following break or semester.  Beyond that exception, unused hours after the semester are forfeited and will be unusable.

Aviation Professional Fee: $200 (Fall $100 / Spring $100)

International Flight Students: TSA Application Fee for Permission to Commence Flight Training  $130 The fee is required for non-U.S. students training as Private, Instrument and Multi-Engine pilots.  An approved application allots one year of training for each of the above training ratings.  If a student does not complete the rating in that time frame, they we be required to repay the TSA fee and reapply to continue training.

Community (Non-Flight Majors) Taking Flight Training

  • Flight-training fees will be on a pay-as-you-go basis. 
  • Ground School classes are available with no university credit for $360 per course for the private, instrument and commercial courses.
  • $950 for the CFI course. 
  • Credit for such courses may be obtained by registering through the registrar’s office and paying regular tuition. 
  • For flight certificates without credit call the Department of Aviation for a cost estimate.

Flight Training Fees and Rates
Rates and fees are subject to change without notice due to changes in operating costs (insurance, fuel, etc.).  Every attempt will be made to maintain published rates.  Check with the airpark administration for current rates.  Flight-training fees listed below apply to this bulletin:

Course Fees for Flight Training Labs.  The full fee amount is due at the beginning of the semester or registration for each course.

CRN Flight Courses Price
NOTE: Flight Training 1-8 required for Flight Degree
AFLT121 Flight Training 1*  $7,290
AFLT122 Flight Training 2* $7,570
AFLT226 Flight Training 3* $4,600
AFLT227 Flight Training 4* 10,080
AFLT321 Flight Training 5* 7,920
AFLT322 Flight Training 6* $5,135
AFLT323 Flight Training 7* $7,930
AFLT324 Flight Training 8* $7,290
AFLT426 Multi-Engine Flight Training $5,255
TOTAL Estimate total of costs for core classes $63,070

Additional Training Courses
AFLT427 Multi-Engine Flight Training $9,130
AFLT356 Certified Flight Instructor (initial) $3,700
AFLT366 Certified Instrument Instructor (add-on) $1,930
AFLT467 Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (add-on) $4,950
AFLT474 Techniques of Mission Flying $1,800
AFLT430 Crew Resource Management $1,500
TOTAL Estimate total of additional training $23,010

Federal Aviation Administration Exams
FAA Exams Written Test $150
Flight Check $500

Other Fees
Flight Physical (from qualified Aviation Medical Examiner) $110
Electronic Flight Bag (iPad 32GB or more) $699
Electronic Flight Publications $100
Headset $325 or greater

Airframe and Powerplant Certificate

Community Non-Credit Classes for Aviation Airframe and Powerplant Certificate.

  • For those wishing to attend classes to earn the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificates without university credit,
    • There is a program fee of $25,480 for the program ($490 per AU credit equivalent. Includes lab fee).
    • Should the student want university credit at a later date, the difference between the then-current university tuition rate and the non-credit rate would have to be paid. 
    • The FAA test fees are additional. 
    • Tools cost may be waived for students who own their own tools appropriate for program requirements. Contact the Department of Aviation for more details. 

Aviation Professional Fee: $200 (Fall $100 / Spring $100)

Aviation Maintenance
Required Minimum Tool set                                      $3,500
Note: Maintenance students are required to have a Windows-Compatible personal laptop.

FAA Exams (Maintenance)
For AU Student (each written exam)                             $150
For AU Student (each oral/practical exam)                 $200
For non-AU students (each oral/practical exam)      $400

CRN Maintenance Courses Price
AVMT108 Applied Science for Aerospace Tech $100
AVMT114 Aircraft Electricity $50
AVMT116 FAR’s/Forms/Records/Publications $50
AVMT120 Material and Process $100
AVMT204 Aircraft Electrical Systems $50
AVMT206 Powerplant Electrical Systems $100
AVMT210 Aircraft Systems $100
AVMT220 Aircraft Fuels and Fuel Systems $50
AVMT226 Engine Fuel Metering Systems $50
AVMT237 Aircraft Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Landing Gear $100
AVMT304 Aircraft Metal Structures $100
AVMT306 Aircraft Non-Metal Structures $50
AVMT308 Aircraft Assembly/Rigging/Inspections $50
AVMT310 Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines  $100
AVMT314 Aircraft Propellers and Engine Inspections $75
AVMT316 Reciprocating Engine Systems/Overhaul $175
AVIA140 Welding Technology $100
AVIA250 Machine Shop $100
NOTE:  Maintenance students are required to have a Windows-compatible personal laptop
Federal Aviation Administration Exams
FAA Exams (Maintenance) Written Test $150
Oral/Practical Test (each) AU Student $200
Oral/Practical Test (each) Non-AU Student $400
NOTE: Prices are Subject to change