Team prepares for first Campus Planning Workshop

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The team has spent the past week getting ready for its first campus-wide participatory workshop, which will be held at the Lincoln/Hoosier Rooms of the Campus Center on Sunday, September 9 from 4:00 to 6:00pm. The twenty graduate teams have been preparing preliminary studies and evaluations of existing campus conditions as well as known plans and challenges. Some of this work, which will be presented at the Sunday workshop, is informed by a series of meetings that were conducted with diverse university staff and administrators. So far, this has included meetings about campus planning policy, landscape and agriculture, buildings and services, land use, as well as transportation and parking. Meeting minutes and a record of participants will be posted under “Resources” soon. This photograph from September 6 shows graduate students Nathaniel Beddoe, Nathan Stafford, Jorden Parker, and Agriculture Instructor Garth Woodruff discussing possible locations for future gardens and facilities. In the background, Dean of Libraries Lawrence Onsager is discussing the possible future of the James White Library with students Brandon Hebard and Joshua Wooden. Check back with us soon to download a visual draft summary of the preliminary campus studies.