Second Workshop presents Alternative Campus Futures

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The second campus-wide workshop was held on October 4 at the Campus Center to present and discuss alternative concepts that can inform the revised Campus Master Plan. Seventy-five students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members reviewed a series of illustrative drawings and studies representing distinct choices and trade-offs concerning future campus development. The work represents the culmination of an intense and collaborative design charrette that began on September 24. During this time, the Campus Design Studio worked with professional sub-consultants in the area of transportation planning, landscape architecture and stormwater management, as well as architecture. This photo shows graduate students Sam Jeffus, Nathaniel Beddoe, and Derrick Gillett working with architects Scott Merrill and David Colgan on possible sites for a future Health & Wellness Center.  A summary of all presented material is available here.

DeWayne Carver, of Tallahassee-based Hall Planning & Engineering, worked with the team to project future traffic impacts, study possible parking solution, and to explore alternative truck-service scenarios for different parts of campus. Chicago-based landscape architect and stormwater management specialist Marcus de la Fleur worked with the team to evaluate existing stormwater runoff and environmental deterioration, and to generate conceptual native species stormwater management solutions that can help to protect the campus watershed and improve local site drainage in select locations. Architects Scott Merrill and David Colgan of Florida-based Merrill, Pastor & Colgan Architects worked with the team to study the site capacity of various parts of campus, in particular for a future Health & Wellness Center, a School of Health Professions, a Science Complex Addition, and alternative Residence Hall scenarios, among others. Faculty and students of the Department of Agriculture in the area of landscape design also assisted the team in developing concept proposals for Beaver Point, the Saint Joseph River Valley ravine, and the parking lot east of the bookstore. Visiting participants were given a chance to comment on the presented work in small group breakout sessions. A summary of the results and discussion notes are available here. This photo shows discussion moderator Ryan Agrey working with undergraduate students during a breakout session.

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