Team meets with Administration and Alumni

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Last week included several opportunities for the team to present its current work to university administration, the general faculty, and AU architecture alumni for review and comment. On October 22, Andrew von Maur presented a summary of current work to the Campus Master Planning Committee, which is chaired by President Niels-Erik Andreasen. Members of a committee had a chance to weigh in on significant issues and recommended a variety of next steps, including bringing the broad range of proposals down to a limited and focused set of recommendations. This includes a proposal for future building sites and open space limits, a parking philosophy and overall strategy, and a set of design guidelines. Individual committee members also weighed in some site concepts that were thought to be less useful. Ultimately, the Campus Design Studio was asked to take the lead in laying out specific recommendations that could focus the discussion in November. Troy Homenchuk, Assistant Professor, also presented to the General Faculty that same afternoon in an effort to provide a general update on the current work.

On Tuesday, October 23, seven Andrews University architecture alumni traveled to campus for a multi-day review and workshop designed to help the team focus its efforts and refine its work. The alumni, which are all practicing Seventh-day Adventist professionals in the field of architecture, preservation, sustainability design, and planning, had the chance of briefly meeting with President Andreasen and Vice President for University Advancement David Faehner as part of their Wednesday campus walking tour before reviewing the extensive work completed by the Campus Design Studio to this date.

The photo above shows the alumni team, left to right, Russ Tyson, Paula Dronen, David Steele, Christopher Hoyt, Jesse Hibler, Chad Kirstein, Brandt Hay, Andrew von Maur, and Caleb Johnson. More information on these alumni can be found here. The alumni team also had the privilege of meeting with Provost Andrea Luxton on Thursday to discuss the significance of guidelines, the strategic purpose of the campus master plan, and some questions regarding implementation. Following an intensive workshop with the graduate student team, the alumni helped to craft a draft outline of strategic goals and necessary design guidelines. It also worked to summarize a focused set of recommendations for the final regulating plan, which will provide guidance on the location of future facilities and the preservation of open space. This work will be refined over the course of this coming week and is expected to be presented on November 7 at Chan Shun Hall, 4-6pm.