Campus Digital Model nearing Completion

Posted by on August 23, 2012 in Blog, Campus Plan | 6 comments

This summer, architecture students have been assembling an extensive digital model of the entire Andrews University campus. Modeled using Autodesk Revit BIM software, the extensive model includes all buildings, roads, sidewalks, parking lots, topography, and all documented tree locations. Most building exteriors are fully modeled, including precise information about details and material, and most of the trees have been tagged by species. Students working for Architecture Missions Group (AMG) as part of a service project for the Department of Campus Safety modeled many of the buildings over the last few years. But this summer, graduate students Nathaniel Beddoe and Mausharie Valentine pursued the challenging and tedious task of assembling a wide and scattered array of information, maps, old prints, and computer files in order to build this complete model of the campus. Many items for which no documentation exists had to be measured on site.


The model will be used to study the existing campus, to explore design and planning solutions, and to generate photo-realistic visionary illustrations towards the end of the semester. Additional information such as campus signs, benches, monuments, and light fixtures will continue to be added throughout the semester. Amongst other things, this sophisticated software allows the team to study actual lighting and wind conditions throughout the year and can help us to generate simple fly-over and walk-through videos of the campus.


  1. We’ve been needing something like this for years! Now to get all departments and entities to make use of this resource when dreaming up new plans!

    • I just noticed that the time stamped on my comment is 5:33 pm when in actuality it is 1:35 pm.

      • The time zone has been corrected — thanks for the reminder!

  2. What a great resource for future planning! Over time, I think we will find numerous ways to utilize this digital module beyond the obvious. Thanks Nathaniel and Mausharie, and all others involved, for making this a possiblity!

  3. Thanks for all the hard work on this project!!!

  4. I’m very glad to have a chance to share ideas about the future of our campus’ appearance. Now that the Dairy has finished its Master Plan for renovation and new construction, I’d like us to consider developing an Equine Center which will enable students to bring their own horse to school, take riding lessons for PE credit, partner with PT for therapy involving horses, as well as support the academic program we have in Equine Science. We could also raise our profile within the community by inviting speakers and clinicians in to conduct seminars there. The style of the buildings and fences would be traditional horse facilities such as would be seen around Lexington, KY. It would enhance the attractiveness of the campus. (The tentative location would be the 9-acre piece on Timberland near the student appartments.)