Project Overview

A Campus for the next generation of Seventh-day Adventist Education

The planning and design of the future campus of Andrews University begins now. This fall semester, the School of Architecture, Art & Design has been charged to lead the effort of charting the course for campus development for at least the next ten years. And everyone is invited! In an unprecedented campus-wide planning process, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members will be considering ideas and actions to help shape the next generation of buildings and spaces for a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist Christian education.

The Campus Design Studio has been created for this purpose and will work with the campus community through a series of interactive meetings and workshops. The goal: to shape an updated and revised Campus Master Plan and supporting design guidelines by January 2013. This effort plugs into Strategic Initiative #6 of our Strategic Plan and is intended to help shape the environment and facilities that support the operation of a quality academic and student life program here at Andrews University. But we need your help!

The process of updating and revising the Campus Master Plan will be transparent, interactive, and open to your participation. You are encouraged to stay informed, be involved, and help us shape a campus that continues to speak of our commitment to true education: “to restore the image of God in the soul.” (Ellen G. White, Patriarchs & Prophets, p. 595).