Project Team

President Niels-Erik Andreasen and the Campus Master Planning Committee have asked the School of Architecture, Art & Design to lead in the update and revision of the campus master plan. For this purpose, the graduate Campus Design Studio is working with university administration, the Department of Agriculture, professional AU alumni, and a diverse multidisciplinary consulting team.

Campus Design Studio

This graduate studio is the core of the campus master planning team. It is conducted as a six-credit course and includes twenty-one graduate architecture students who are dedicated to this campus planning effort throughout the 2012 fall semester. Based on a long-standing and successful format, this studio operates very much like a professional office and has been blessed with a nationally recognized record for excellence in planning and design for real projects. Its purpose is to work with the campus community and administration to prepare a revised and updated campus master plan.

Andrew von Maur
Studio Director / Associate Professor
Besides teaching various architecture and urban design courses at Andrews University, Andrew also professionally collaborates with internationally leading planning and design offices such as Duany Plater- Zyberk & Company and PlaceMakers, LLC. His professional work includes implemented projects around the United States, The Bahamas, and Panama. Andrew has been directing participatory design projects with this studio since 2004. Born in the United States but raised in Germany, he is a graduate of Andrews University (’99) and the University of Notre Dame.

Paula Dronen
Assistant Dean / Associate Professor
Besides her administrative leadership at the School of Architecture, Art & Design, Paula also teaches various legal courses related to architecture and land-use law, with a particular emphasis on constitutional issues surrounding this subject. She has co-directed the studio together with Andrew von Maur since 2009 and leads the legal and policy aspects of its planning efforts. Born and raised in Eau Claire, Michigan, Paula is a graduate of Andrews University (’93 and ’99) and holds a juris doctorate from Michigan State University.

Troy Homenchuk
Assistant Professor
Besides teaching various architectural design, theory, and software courses at Andrews University, Troy also has a professional record of collaborating with internationally leading architecture and planning offices, including Pittsburgh-based Urban Design Associates. He has co-directed this studio together with Andrew von Maur in 2007 and 2008 and provides essential technical expertise in the areas of digital modeling and illustration. Troy also works as a professional freelance digital illustrator and continues to collaborate with designers across the country. Born and raised in Canada, Troy is a graduate of Andrews University (’99) and the University of Notre Dame.

AU Class of 2013

The studio’s twenty graduate architecture students have completed four years of the professional architecture program. This diverse and international group is blessed with a range of talents that will produce the bulk of the work this semester, including design and planning, site planning, sketch illustration, watercolor rendering, digital modeling and illustration, and building information modeling. Having studied and traveled together for four years, this group has a record of solid teamwork, intellectual rigor, inspiring work, practical proposals, and a love for the mission of Andrews University. The team includes:

Ryan Agrey (Alberta, Canada), Nathaniel Beddoe (California), Jason Blanzy (Michigan), James Chambers (Michigan), Roberto Figuereo (Dominican Republic), Derrick Gillett (Michigan), Brandon Hebard (Maryland), Ashlie Heilbrun (Washington), Samuel Jeffus (Florida), Angelica Larriu (Puerto Rico), Carlos Monsalve (Texas), Jorden Parker (Michigan), Jose Quezada (Ecuador / Florida), Caleb Soto (Peru), Nathan Stafford (Michigan), Emely Taveras (Dominican Republic), Mausharie Valentine (Nebraska), Joshua Wooden (Michigan), James Wooster (Minnesota), and Jimen Yoon (South Korea / North Carolina)

Key Collaborators

Working together with the Campus Design Studio on this project is a range of collaborating experts from Andrews University and a multidisciplinary consulting team.

Stan Beikmann
and the Department of Agriculture
Landscape Design Professional / Assistant Professor
Besides teaching various courses in landscape design at the Andrews University Department of Agriculture, Stan offers over 35 years of experience in residential, corporate, institutional, and public landscape design. He served as the executive director of Fernwood Botanic Gardens and Nature Center from 1972 through 1993 and was responsible for designing the master landscape plan for its gardens. Stan is a current member of Garden Writers Association of America and served as President from 1996 to 1997. Director of the Andrews University Arboretum, he has taught landscape design since 1996 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Design from Kansas State University. Stan and a select group of landscape design students will collaborate with this project at key stages, especially to advise and lead on landscape design issues. The student team includes:

Bjorn Choo, Melissa Cedarholm, Malcolm Paul, Slava Silyaev, Austin Starr, Anastasiia Tishina, Ryan White, and Andrey Yun.

AU Architecture Alumni

A diverse group of Andrews University architecture alumni will be collaborating with the studio to review proposals, offer professional critique, and provide assistance in the areas of architectural design, planning, historic preservation, and policy recommendations, among others. This group of Seventh-day Adventists is committed to practices that uplift Christian education at Andrews University:

W. Brandt Hay, Design Principal (AU ’04) of W. Brandt Hay, Architect / Celebration, Florida

Jesse Hibler, Principal (AU ’00), of Hibler Design Studio / Berrien Springs, Michigan

Christopher Hoyt, Architect (AU ’98), of KPMB Architects / Toronto, Ontario

Caleb Johnson, Principal (AU ’00), of Caleb Johnson Architects / Biddeford, Maine

Chad Kirstein, Architect (AU ’99), of Kirstein Design Studio / Richmond, Virginia

David Steele, Staff Architect (AU ’99), of Lord Aeck & Sargent / Atlanta, Georgia

Russ Tyson, Architect (AU ’97), of Whitten Architects / Portland, Maine

Scott Merrill, AIA / David Colgan, AIA
Merrill, Pastor & Colgan, Architects
Merrill, Pastor & Colgan is a leading architectural firm based in Vero Beach, Florida. Scott Merrill, who has been recognized for excellence by the American Institute of Architects, by the Institute for Classical Architecture & Art, and with the Seaside Prize, has an international reputation for carefully considered architecture that is strong, practical, and beautiful. Scott and David’s professional portfolio include a wide range of building types all over the world. Both are experienced in engaging students in academic settings and have collaborated with Andrews University alumni as professionals.

Rick Hall, P.E. / DeWayne Carver, AICP
Hall Planning & Engineering, Inc.
HPE is one of the nation’s leading transportation planning offices that focuses on walkable, context-sensitive transportation solutions. With an emphasis on pedestrian scale, its professional services include walkable thoroughfare design, traffic engineering, growth management, parking and circulation, and preliminary design studies, including for academic campuses. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, HPE has collaborated professionally with Andrew von Maur and assisted Andrews University architecture students with transportation planning services in 2007.

Marcus de la fleur, Dip. Hort. Kew, MLA, ASLA, RLA
de la fleur, LLC
Marcus is a registered landscape architect and owner of a Chicago-based design and consulting firm. His portfolio includes extensive collaborative work with Conservation Design Forum, Inc., with an emphasis on sustainable landscape design and stormwater management, conservation, and green roofs. Marcus, who has professionally collaborated with Andrew von Maur, is a prolific national lecturer on landscape design and water conservation. He has also lectured and juried student work at Andrews University in 2009.

Thomas Michaud
Web Design and Support
The website for this campus planning effort was generously designed and is supported by Thomas Michaud, who teaches Web Design and Digital Media at the Department of Visual Art & Design since 2007.

Alexander Swensen
Documentary Film Support
Alex is enrolled at the Department of Visual Art & Design’s new documentary film program. Over the course of the semester, he is responsible for preparing a selection of short films to help inform and to help promote the collaborative process campus-wide and online.