Horticulture Degrees

Bachelor of Science
This four-year degree is ideal for students who would like to work in an area of horticulture that requires a graduate or post graduate degree. You will begin preparing for a career in plant pathology and diseases, integrated pest management, plant genetics, nutrition, teaching, public horticulture and others.

Bachelor of Technology
The bachelor of technology degree combines a major and minor and allows you to take more classes that focus on your specific area of interest.  This is a career specialist's degree, preparing you for business management or ownership in the green industry. There are several emphases to choose from, including landscape design, installation and maintenance, greenhouse and nursery management, vegetable cultivation, and tree fruit production.

Associate of Technology
This two-year degree gets you started in the area of horticulture you would like to work in. You can go straight into the work force as a greenhouse technician, nursery foreman, plant propagator or into grounds maintenance, among other things. You can also use it as a springboard to move on to the four-year BT degree.