Why Study at Andrews?

Undergraduate Research is part of the Curriculum

The students begin integrating research into their curriculum as early as their 2nd year of college, in close collaboration with the faculty. This research has produced amazing results with dozens of students having their work accepted for presentation at a major national convention. Several have won prestigious awards, and they have been given a huge boost to get into highly coveted graduate schools. Still others have had their work published in professional magazines as co-authors with faculty, and a few have had their own work published.     For more research details, click on the research link.


Travel and Tours

The Behavioral Sciences Department offers both field trips and tours abroad which may enrich your area of study. For example, students interested in cultural enhancement or missions may sign up for Peru Tour, a trip that is offered every other year. Stops on the tour include the Amazon River, Lima, Cuzco, and Lake Titicaca. Andrews will subsidize tour costs as students register for required courses.

Students interested in archaeology may participate in archaeological research projects overseas. The Madaba Plains Project at Tall Hisban in Jordan is offered every year and focuses on the Islamic centuries, particularly the Mamluk governor's palace area and the Ottoman cave village.

Psychology students may also attend the Midwest Psychological Association in Chicago.

Student Testimonials


Student Testimonials


Lisa Lien,  May 2009 Graduate 

It is a great honor to be a psychology graduate student from the Andrews University Behavioral Science Department. I would like to thank you and to share my utmost appreciation for the past few years I have spent under your excellent guidance and care.

I thank you for the many valuable experiences I have gained by being afforded the privilege of working with your exceptional faculty members and staff. Each one of you are individuals that I admire and aspire to become like, not only because of your superior knowledge and skill, but because of the type of exemplary people you are to your very core. It was truly encouraging to be treated as an astute colleague rather than a simple subordinate. Your ability to foster a warm and open environment and a strong sense of belonging made my time with you genuine and filled with fond reminiscences.

You are highly praised for your unfailing concern, devotion, and support for each student’s individual success. I am forever indebted to the invaluable research opportunities and matchless unique experiences I have graciously received.

Now as a new chapter in my life is opening, I leave Andrews University holding my head up high with confidence and pride; where I believe my deepest understanding, my greatest interest, and my most unquenchable passion for psychology was born.

Thank you, and may you be richly blessed for all that you have done and all that you will continue to do.


Brad Boivin,  May 2008 Graduate 

Things are going great here in Chicago.  I'm nearly finished with my first year of graduate studies and am quite pleased with the experience.  I was matched for a diagnostic practicum at Hartgrove Hospital which begins this summer.  This is a very competitive process so I am fortunate in that I received a site on the first round of the application process.  Also, I am being exposed to the research and theories of some prominent psychologists; mainly the client-centered therapists I am working with regarding my client-centered minor focus.  In fact, one of my professors has had direct interaction with Rogers and is very influential in her writings on Difficult Process; working with severe psychotic disorders from a Client-Centered approach.  Of course, being in Chicago has made the experience even more amazing with its variety of restaurants and stores.  Also, as I've stated before, the Behavioral Sciences department at Andrews more than prepared more for my graduate school experience.  Thank you!



Ilean Ulloa,  May 2008 Graduate

Well, as I was warned repeatedly by all of you…..grad school is no joke. I thought I would take a short break from this craziness to briefly thank you all for a job well done. I can’t imagine what grad school would be like if I hadn’t taken all those research courses at Andrews! The teachers here assume that I already have all the skills needed to complete assignments and my poor fellow classmates  assume the teachers are going to teach them any skills they are lacking in……I don’t know how to break it to any of them that I am very lucky to have gone to undergrad where and when I did.

It’s sad to say that there are many times when I look more prepared than other students who came in with past graduate work. I think I’m the only one in my class who has been to a conference much less presented a poster. Although I am working on my PsyD and not my PhD, I am still very fortunate to have been exposed to so many different opportunities.  I still try not to laugh when they look so impressed that we went to Peru on a study tour. (I can’t help but remember llamas and funny stories)This does not speak to my ability but it speaks to the instruction and training I received while I was there at AU.

I will owe money for a long time for all the student loans I took out for Andrews but I can say that every penny was worth it!! I miss Andrews but I will never miss the snow. I must say that the weather in Florida was a wonderful trade off.

I wish I could say more but I have so much to do that I won’t even be able to revise this letter. Please excuse any errors on it J….just like in the past J

Dr. Helm: Thanks for laughing with your students and being so thorough in your lectures.  Every class I took with you was helpful and relevant. Thanks for keeping me alive in Peru. SPSS is like rocket science around here and thanks to you it’s a piece of cake for me…(well at least up to this point..I’m not even that good at it. 

Dr. McBride: you were more than right about grad school having “self-proclaimed gate-keepers” They are the most annoying people on planet earth but thanks to the laws of “office politics” I am coping just fine with my new stressors J The thought of a chair interacting with his students is unheard of here!

Dr. Proctor: Thanks for the APA dictionary! It de-jargonizes everything for me and its something that would have taken me a long time to purchase on my own. :)

Dr. Bailey: Thanks for showing us how to efficiently read an article to save time and get something out of it. I am doing a concentration on Neuropsychology that would not be possible without the background I got in your class ….I still remember things from that giant Pre-frontal cortex paper I wrote J You were so right about everyone in the field is drinking life away. I‘m the only person in the program who does not drink alcohol. And thank you for repeatedly saying that keeping the Sabbath is a must and that work will get accomplished anyways. My work gets done, classes are taken care of, and my Sabbath is kept.

Dr. LaBianca: your worldview opens everyone’s eyes to look beyond what we are told. There are so many splits in the field about so many things that I can’t even begin to imagine how to solve all the problems. Knowing that alone helps me see my teachers’ biases whether cultural and societal and allows me to choose whether to adopt or not. J

Dr. Kendall: the only woman teaching while I was there. What a trooper! Now that I am surrounded by women, I’m not sure that its healthy ahhaha. Thanks for all the encouragement throughout the application process. It was scary, expensive, time consuming, and annoying. You always had a positive attitude and were willing to answer questions.

Professor Ulery: You always promote service and you know how much I love it so that was easy for me to get involved with while I was here. I learned a lot from those projects and presentations but what has really been beneficial is that stress management class I took from you. Oh boy!! I have never had my buttons pushed before like I do now BUT I was prepared to handle it and cope with it accordingly- in a healthy way.

Kathleen Schwarz - Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Photography
I had the opportunity to present at the Central States Anthropological Society's 84th Annual Conference last year as an undergraduate research assistant. Being able to present and to relate to other anthropologists as my peers was a noteworthy opportunity, especially for me as an undergraduate. I think the fact that Andrews University provides students with opportunities to realize their academic potential gives us a competitive edge and teaches us skills to be used beyond our college experience.


Darrell Rohl - Behavioral Sciences: Anthropological Archeology
Graduate in May, 2008

I have been involved in the Undergraduate Research Scholarship program for four years and can clearly say that it has been the most valuable part of my Andrews experience. It has taught me how to conduct research, critically assess data and present my research findings. This has, so far, led to seven conference presentations, which are proving invaluable for my current scholarship and graduate school applications. One of the most enjoyable aspects was the 2007 CSAS conference in Minneapolis, where an entire group of AU anthropology students presented in our own session. This trip allowed us all to get really close and we had a terribly terrific time that I'm sure we'll always remember. The opportunity to have such experiences is one of the unique strengths of an Andrews education.

Andrew Gerard - Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology '08 Grad

This opportunity [to research and present] is the biggest single reason that I chose to come to Andrews University, and is one of the most meaningful parts of the Andrews experience. Researchers from the Institute of Archeology who have come before me have been accepted to graduate programs at Columbia University, Stanford University, Brandeis University, and University of Connecticut Law School. This research experience is the difference between a good education and a world-class education. Serious research prepares students for graduate school and - if they are looking at a future in higher education - allows them to gain the skills necessary to excel in the life of the mind. Beyond this, however, the type of research in which students are encouraged to go deep into a subject, to question assumptions, to work methodically, and think critically is what differentiates good schools from great schools. Andrews University is unique in that it encourages students to engage in serious research on the undergraduate level."