Program Overview:

The MSA in Community & International Development is an 18-24 month graduate program. On a basic level, students will explore the social science foundations especially in regard to probing the meaning of people-centered development. Students will develop skills related to program planning, implementation, and evaluation and will gain knowledge in principles of organizational behavior, leadership, and management as they relate to non-profit organizations. Further, ethical principles and financial analysis for assuring individual and organizational accountability will be covered. Social research methods and techniques of communicating with stakeholders about their community development plans will be mastered. Students will obtain competency in at least one concentration emphasis to meet the career goals of the student. The field practicum will require the student to undertake a 300-hour internship.

Why Choose MSCID:

  • Offers personalized student-professor interaction.
  • Provides instruction by highly qualified and experienced professors.
  • Empowers students to respond to global humanitarian challenges.
  • Culturally diverse prgoram.
  • Furnishes a mentoring research environment.
  • Enhances personal and professional career development.
  • Organizes academic tours to strengthen field experience.
  • Provides skills to manage projects in diverse and complex settings.
  • Motivates students to attend professional conferences.
  • Core courses that explore concepts of project cycle management.
  • Strong focus on research methods and application for community development.
  • Social science courses that aid in understanding the environment and sustainable development.
  • Courses that develop your skills to plan, implement, and evaluate projects.
  • Courses that provide knowledge in non-profit organizations, accounting, and macroeconomics.
  • National and/or interntional internship experience.
  • Area of concentration to enhance career goals.
  • Research project or master's thesis and portfolio.

Regular Standing: 39-43 credits (two-years)
Advanced Standing: 30-35 credits (one-year)