Development Communication:

Why Choose Development Communication?

Communication is central to development programs. It is even more pertinent now that ideas about freedom of expression, democracy, human rights and access to natural and material resources guide development projects across the world. DevCom uses communication as a way to bring about positive social change by raising awareness through various media outlets. DevCom is about making strategic efforts to use communications processes and media to bring about social and economic improvements, particularly in developing countries. DevCom uses a wide range of approaches, from "social marketing" (which draws on advertising and marketing to promote development goals) to participatory approaches that work with local people and help them communicate their needs and opinions to others. It covers lobbying and advocacy, mass marketing and highly targeted campaigns.

PREL 510 (2cr) - Advancement and Communication
Developing communication skills necessary to the non-profit arena, including working with volunteers, promoting and positioning various service organizations. Communication with relevant publics.

COMM 536 (2-3cr) - Issues in Intercultural Communication
Examination of intercultural communication issues with specific applications to student's chosen fields of inquiry or employment. Students explore critical issues influencing the effectiveness of their interaction with individuals from varied cultures in specific organizational and societal contexts.

COMM 540 (2-3cr) - Communication in Development Practice
Students examine the relationship between culture and communication. Apply analytic and communication skills which enable effective communication in various communities. Develop skills in persuasion and explore sensitivity to diversity issues.

COMM 590 (2-3cr) - Graduate Seminar: Communication in Development Practice
Projects, reports and discussions. Repeatable with different subject matter. Topic announced in advance.

JOUR 570 (3cr) - Multimedia Messaging
In the context of media convergence, this course embraces storytelling for delivery across various media platforms. Hands-on production focuses on news content for print, broadcast (TV and radio), new media (Internet, blogs, vodcasts, podcasts and interactive elements).