Regular Standing: 39-40 Credits

The regular standing two-year program requires 39-40 credits of coursework and at least 300 hours of internship. Students in the regular two-year program complete the social science foundation courses, as well as the advanced courses. Following is an outline of course requirements. For more detailed information on these classes, see the Andrews University Bulletin.

CIDP Core Courses - 10 cr
CIDS520 (3cr) - Development Theory & Practice
CIDS555 (3cr) - Development Policy & Analysis
ANTH517 (2cr) - Cultural and Developmental Anthropology
ANTH524 (2cr) - Humanitarian Studies: Theory Pracitce

Development Management - 10 cr
CIDS530 (3cr) - Needs Assessment, Capacity Mapping & Program Planning
CIDS536 (2cr) - Development Design and Evaluation 
CIDS535 (2cr) - Budgeting, Fundraising and Grantsmanship
CIDS515 (3cr) - Organization and Human Resource OR BSAD530 (3)

Research Tools and Skills - 6-7 cr
SOCI533 (2cr) - Research Methods III: Advanced Research Design-Experimental and Survey
SOCI534 (2cr) - Reserach Methods IV: Advanced Statistical Analysis & SPSS
CIDS670 (0cr) - Comprehensive Examination
CIDS698 (2cr) - Reserach Project OR CIDS699 (3cr) - Master's Thesis

Practicum - 1cr
CIDS680 (1cr) - Field Practicum

Concentration Electives: 12 cr

TOTAL credits required: 39-40 cr


Advanced Standing: 30-35 Credits

Courses taken as prerequisites prior to enrollment will be waived from that student's MSCID requirements, reducing the total number of credits for the degree to no fewer than 30. Andrews undergraduate prerequisite courses are listed below. Equivalents from other institutions will be considered. Missing prerequisites will be taken at the graduate level, as listed below.

ACCT121/ACCT 500 Survey of Acounting
BHSC230 Reserach Methods I
SOCI432/532 Reserach Methods II
SOCI433/533 Reserach Methods III
SOCI434/534 Reserach Methods IV
SOCI422/CIDS520 Development Theory & Practice
SOCI408/508 Emergency Preparedness
SOCI455/CIDS555 Development Policy & Analysis
SOCI315/CIDS515/BSAD515 Organization & Human Resources, or BSAD530 Management of NPO
SOCI431/CIDS530 Needs Assessment, Capacity Mapping & Program Planning

Students must complete at least 7 of these classes to be eligible for Advanced Standing. Those with at least 5 classes may be accepted provisionally in to Advanced Standing, and the missing prerequisite will be taken in addition to the other requirements for the MSCID.

It is expected that all majors will present at least one paper at a professional conference and publish at least one article in a professional journal before graduation.

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