CIDP Internship Opportunities

Internship Information

The CIDP's curriculum requires 6-9 credits of concentration courses. The Field Practicum is the concluding requirement for the concentration. The Field Practicum is one of the most critical elements of the CIDP curriculum. It assists students in the process of building expertise in the chosen area of concentration by providing an applied practical component to the theoretical knowledge acquired in classes. The following are CIDP's requirements for Field Practicum.

Field Practicum:

  • It must be matched with the student's concentration, as well as their research project;
  • Prior to starting the field practicum, students must submit for approval to the CIDP Director a practicum proposal including:
  1. an approval form from a sponsoring organization;
  2. a rationale for choosing this particular organization/country;
  3. a statement on how this particular field of work ties with the concentration; and
  4. a learning plan that includes student's goals and objectives for the chosen field practicum;
  • The student must complete a minimum of 720 in-field hours;
  • Students must have taken at least two courses in chosen area of concentration.

Documents for Field Practicum

This document is for both students and prospective internship supervisors. It outlines objectives and expectations for the internship. It is for information purpose;

This document is an official agreement between the Community & International Development Program and the agency/organization in which the student will complete internship requirements. This form should be signed and returned to CIDP prior to the start of the internship..


It is expected that students will complete a 720-hour internship (approximately 6 months at 30 hours per week), as indicated by completing this form weekly during the internship. All completed forms must be submitted to CIDP following the internship.


This form will be used by the agency/organization employee who is assigned as internship supervisor. Upon completion of the internship, this form should be completed and returned to CIDP.

This document serves as an aid to students who have completed their internship, as they prepare to present their experience to a faculty panel.


This form is what the faculty panel will use to evaluate the internship presentation. This is the final step before the student receives a grade for the internship.