El Salvador Study Tour

The Community and International Development program in collaboration with ADRA will be traveling this summer to El Salvador! Stay posted for more updates.

WHEN: June 4 - June 18, 2023

LOCATIONS:  El Salvador: San Miguel, Suchitoto, and Cuscatlan

COST:  4 credits of Tuition + $750 (Tour Fee).
              ADRA covering the remaining expenses.

COURSES (subject to change) - choose from one of the following:

Undergraduate choices:
SOCI 424-041 Humanitarian Studies: Theory & Practice  3 cr.
SOCI 480-041 Field Experience  1-8 cr.
BHSC 440-041 Topics:  1-4 cr.
BHSC 378-041 Study Tour  0 cr.

Graduate choices:
CIDS 623-041 Humanitarian and Development Practice  3 cr.
CIDS 680-101 Field Practicum  1 cr.
CIDS 575-041 Topics: Field Experience  1-6 cr.
CIDS 578-041 Study Tour  0 cr.

NOTE: Most students take 4 credits, however arrangements may be made to take more or less credits. Please contact CIDP office before registering and for more information or for potential alternate courses.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Submit by March 27th



Email: cidp@andrews.edu
Call: 269.471.6538