Duane McBride

Duane McBride

Duane McBride

Title: Research Professor of Sociology
Director, Institute for Prevention of Addictions

Office Location: Buller Hall 221
E-mail: mcbride@andrews.edu
Phone: (269) 471-3576


BA in Behavioral Science (Andrews University)
MA in Industrial Organizations (University of Maryland)
PhD in Sociology (University of Kentucky)


Dr. McBride joined the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences in 1986. His areas of expertise are criminology and drug abuse, and he has been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Drug Issues, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Criminology, Journal of Criminal Justice, International Journal of Criminology and Penology, Youth and Society, Human Organization, Addictive Diseases: An International Journal, British Journal of Addiction, Chemical Dependencies: Behavioral and Biomedical Issues, and Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. McBride has also authored two books: Legal and Illicit Drug Use: Determining Drug Abuse Treatment Needs and Drug Use and the Courts. His current research is in the areas of juvenile delinquency and the AIDS virus infection of IV drug-users. He has membership in the American Sociological Association and the American Public Health Association. Currently he is co-principal investigator on a Health Services Research Center funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and chairs a grant review committee for the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Dr. McBride currently teaches courses in Criminology, Introduction to Sociology, Drug Use in American Society, Theories of Addictive Behavior, Juvenile Delinquency and more. He has received a variety of awards for his teaching, research, and contributions to Andrews University. After 23 years as School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, passed the honor to Dr. Harvey Burnett on July 1, 2015.

Current Research or Professional Activities


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