Romulus Chelbegean

Romulus Chelbegean

Romulus Chelbegean

Title: Assistant Professor, Family Studies
Office Location: 217 Buller Hall
Phone: (269) 471-3650


PhD, Marriage and Family Therapy, Loma Linda University

MS, Marriage and Family Therapy, Loma Linda University

MA, Religious Studies, Youth Ministry, La Sierra University

MA, Philology-Linguistics, Hyperion University

BA, Theology, Pastoral Care, University of Bucharest


Born and raised in Communist Romania, Romulus Chelbegean completed his education in United States. With a seasoned professional background as a registered nurse, pastor, high school principal, chaplain, youth minister, marriage and family therapist and university professor, Romulus Chelbegean can be seen as a committed holistic caretaker competently addressing the physical/behavioral, mental/academic, socio-emotional/relational and spiritual/religious needs of both the complex individuals and intricate family systems created by our post-modern, cross-cultural, spiritual-but-not-religious, global village community. His research interests include: Meaning Making, Spirituality and Religion, Family Systems, Culture and Gender, Immigration, Interdisciplinary Cross Pollination. His unique hobby is to find God’s unique fingerprint in people, nature, science and art. 

Current Research or Professional Activities


Witnessing Unconditional Love, Majesty Press, Chicago;  Field Flowers, 2003;  Stairway to Heaven - youth songs, 1996; Small Treatise of Cardiology 1993; The Seventh Church and the Seventh Art, 1992; Music in Church, 1991.


Dating or Courtship, 1991; Angry, but not aggresive, 1992; Domestic Violence is not always wild, 1993; There is no place like home, 1993; Choosing a life partner, 1994; Whose son are you?, 1995; Second Chances, 1995; A threefold cord, 1996; The first Stone, 1997; It takes a communitu to raise up a PK, 1997; At the well, 2009; Immigrant Christian families at the crossroad, 2010;  Culture, faith and family, 2010.

Public Presentations

Holistic Growth, Angry Saints, The Adventist Family  in the Globalization Era, Our Children and Media, The Christian Immigrant Family, Gender Roles and Cultural hermeneutics, Christ and Culture, Self-esteem Self-respect Sefl-value, The Young Adventist in the Army, Challenges of Christian Singleness, Premarital Preparation, Christian Marriage, Holistic Intimacy, Biblical Parenting, Divorce and Remarriage.