Psi Chi 2007 Awards

Three psychology majors are the recipients of a coveted award given by the National Psi Chi organization each year--Jacque Giem, Cecilia Montano and Lisa Liem.

This is the second year in a row that Jacque has won this award. Two hundred eighty-three student abstracts were submitted; 20 were award winners. Last year she won an award based on using survey methodology. This year she and her colleague Cecilia used an experimental design and the BNS Cognitive Psychology lab, working with Dr. Karl Bailey. Their study began in the BNS Cognitive Psychology class and they continued developing the project on their own. This award reflects the value of collaborative research, the impact of the NSF program at Andrews and the fact that our undergraduate students are highly competitive!

Their abstract was on "False Semantic and Phonological Recall within the DRM Paradigm: Cognitive Development or Language Processing Ability?"

Lisa Liem, working with Dr. Herbert Helm, did her research on "The Relationship between Religosity and Substance Use."


Jacque Giem Cecilia Montano Lisa Liem