Jordan Field School

When: June/July 2020

Locations: Madaba, Amman, Baq'ah Valley, Dhiban, Khirbet Ataruz, Mt. Nebo, Machaerus Fortress, Umm Al-Rasas, Ajlun, al Kerak Castle, Gadara, Jerash, Jordan Valley, Pella, Tell Deir 'Allah, Wild Jordan, Zarqa (Jabbok) River, Amman Citadel, Roman Theatre, Tall al 'Umayri, Tell Jalul, Dead Sea, The Jordan River Baptism Site, Bethany beyond beyond Jordan, Hejaz Railway, Shobak Castle, Edom, Wadi Musa, Little Petra, Petra Archaeological Park, King's Highway, Moab, Wadi Mujib (Arnon River), Khirbat Iskander, and more.

The optional Jerusalem Tour includes: Old City and East Jerusalem, Garden Tomb, Jaffa Gate, the Citadel, Holy Sepulchre Church, Christian Quarter Road, Mt. Zion, the Upper Room, David's Tomb, House of Caiaphas, Mount of Olives overlook of the city, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolarosa, City of David, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Pool of Siloam, West Jerusalem and an optional trip to Bethlehem. 

ANTH455 Ethnography
ANTH478 Archaeological and Ethnographical Perspectives
ANTH496 Supervised Fieldwork
ARCH585 Top: Architecture & Culture of Jordan
ARCH585 Top: BIM/Photogrammetry for Archaeological/Architectural Reconstruction
GEOG460 Top: Historical Geography of the Holy Land
HIST117 Civilizations and Ideas I
RELG160 Topics: Archaeology and Exploration of Bible Lands
* other courses may be arranged with the tour organizers

Research Opportunity for Undergraduates: One of the major objectives of the Jordan Field School is to provide opportunities for undergraduates to get hands-on experience in doing field research with a faculty mentor.

Costs: $1500 fee and registration for six credits at standard Andrews tuition rates. This covers tuition, international travel to Jordan and all in-Jordan lodging, food, weekend excursions and instruction. 

For more information contact any one of the faculty at:,, or Dr. Labianca (Tour Director):


Film: Deeptime at Tall Hisban

Optional additional tour to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other Biblical sites in Israel will be led by Jeff Hudon. The cost of this tour is extra. For more information contact: