Peru Tour 2016

Basic Details

When: May 8-16
Locations: Lima, Cuzco, the Amazon, Iquitos, Machu Picchu, Puno, Lake Titicaca and more!
Courses:  BHSC440: Cultural Psychology (3 credits)
                   RELG360: Comparative Spirituality (3 credits)
Cost for students: 6 credits of tuition plus $300 tour fee 
Cost for non-students: $4,300

Sign up now: stop by the Behavioral Sciences Department in Buller Hall, call us at 269.471.3152 or email Erica Bradfield at

For more info check out our: Peru Tour 2016 Student Brochure

For more non-student information: Peru Tour 2016 Community Brochure

To download our application: Peru Tour 2016 Application

To see our potential itinerary: Peru Tour 2016 Itinerary

Peru Tour 2014 Promo Video

Photos and Video by  Erica Bradfield