Peru Tour 2012

Next Tour Dates:

March 15-25, 2012

Courses that will be offered for the next Tour
BHSC440-040 - Topics in Cultural Psychology 3 credits
RELG360-040 - Comparative Spirituality 3 credits

Tour Procedures:

To reserve your place on the tour pay $500 at the Student Finance counter in the Administration Building of Andrews University, beginning May 1, 2011.  Tell them it is to be applied to your Peru Account.   Bring the receipt to Beverly Peck, Behavioral Sciences.  The remaining cost for students is another $600 which will be paid when you get financial clearance for Spring Semester.    You will also register for 6 credits from the classes listed above.  Two of the credits must be above the normal load of 16 credits.

Any community people who would like to go along on this student tour, should contact Mrs. Peck for space available.   For non-students, the tour cost is $3,400 with a deposit of $500 payable as early as June 1, 2011.  Check or credit card accepted.Balance of $2900 due by Jan. 31, 2012. 

 Checks will be payable to Andrews University, but sent to Beverly Peck, 4141 Administration Hall, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0030.     Monies are refundable except for $200 processing fee until January 9, 2012.   Call 269-471-3152 for information. 

You may sign up now to be put on the list of people interested in going to Peru in 2010. We usually have a few open spots for non-students. For information or to put your name on a list, send an email to:   

Click here to see online brochure which includes application

To see pictures from another tour, click here.

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