Puerto Rico Mental Health Mission Trip

Following the Hurricanes of Fall 2017, the challenges faced by Puerto Rico have been astronomical. In early 2020, southwest Puerto Rico was struck again, this time by a 5.2 magnitute earth quake. The School of Social & Behavioral Sciences and the School of Social Work are working put together a team of Mental Health and Emergency Management Professionals who will be spending time working in schools and communities in Puerto Rico providing Psychological First Aid to those affected by the traumas.

If you are interested in joining a future trip to Puerto Rico, please contact us by using the information below.



Dr. Melissa Ponce-Rodas

Dr. Harvey Burnett



NBC News - Puerto Rico Crisis
VOX - Puerto Rico's Suicide Hotline
Newsweek - Puerto Rico Mental Health 
Video: New York Times - Puerto Rico Suicide Prevention Center



Donations in the form of checks or cash can be sent to 

Erica Bradfield
Department of Behavioral Sciences
8488 E. Campus Circle Drive
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0300

Please make checks out to Andrews University and write "PR Mission Trip" on the memo line

Note: We will not be able to provide any Tax Deductible Receipts