Chair's Manual

The Department Chairperson

General Categories of Department Chair Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of a Department Chair

Andrews University Working Policy Section

Manner of Appointment:  WP 2:140:2:1 11
Department Chair Search:  WP 2:142:5:2 11
Term of Service and Review :  WP 2:140:2:2 11
Rotating Chair:  WP 2:140:2:3 11
Evaluation and Reappointment of Chair:  WP 2:140:2:4 11
Acting Chair:  W P 2:140:3 12
Reporting Lines:  W P 2:235 12
Arrangements for a Short Absence of a Chair:  WP 2:162:1 12
Absence of a Faculty Member: Teacher Substitutes:  WP 2:162:2 13
Tardiness of a Faculty Member:  WP 2:162:3 13
Role and Functions of the Chair:  WP 2:235:1 13
Department Sessions:  WP 2:235:2 14
Annual Review:  WP 2:307:4:1 14
Faculty Development:  WP 2:307:6:1 15
Determination of Grades:  WP 2:437:3 17
Professional Memberships:  WP 2:378:1 24
Licensure:  WP 2:378:2 24
Denominational Journals:  WP 2:378:3 24


Meeting the Leadership Challenge

Importance of the Department

The Academic Department

The Strategies of Excellent Department Chairs

Delegating: How to Succeed

Faculty Motivation

Departmental Orientation for New Faculty

A Success Regimen as Recommended by Boice


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