From the Department Chair


I joined our department at its infancy and witnessed how we establish ourselves, receive ABET accreditation in both programs, and grow among even difficult times.   All the faculty, staff, and most of all, students contributed and nurtured our programs.  It is time to thrive.  It is time to make a difference and let the world know about us for greatness.   My number one challenge as a chair is to establish Innovative mind among us through curriculum, atmosphere, and support.   We are educating engineers and computer scientists for new generation and our education system continuously evolve to suit the ever-fast changing world.   We will not build just something engineered by human minds but something where the success can be attributed only to God.  I believe that together we can make a difference and truly excel in engineering and computing.   I believe that He will be there to guide us.  

Hyun Kwon, incoming chair of Dept. of Engineering and Computer Science
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI 49104