A Student Engineer's Life


A day in a student engineer's life.  We are hard working students.  Wii is part of our regular curricular activities.

Students willing to lend a helping hand anytime you need it.

After which we sink in to the computers to process all the data that has been brought to our attention during the day.

There's a lot of math involved in this processing.

to make these circuits

to make these lights work

to have the circuits run at full capacity

to have a circuit so fast that it will answer immediately

to build something so good that it will last forever

to have the perfect cut for the perfect piece that will make this piece strong.

to have it at the right temperature the moment it gets cut so it won't get ruined

to have it heat treated right so that it will be perfect

to have the right temperature for the process to work right

to use machines like these

to have this view

to know if the material you are using is right

and if it fails to find the right one for the job

to mix it with some other metal if necessary

so that in the end we'll be able to do things like these

and design robots like these

this one is a previous model.

to be able to put a toy cart together like this

and then dream bigger and make our own cart

and then go even bigger and then build a real cart

with real rims

and real tires and a real engine... Who knows what's next!!!

Are you up to the challenge?