Race in Florida 2007

Here are some snapshots of the vehicle during the recent competition in Florida.

Students working to correct any faults pointed out during the day's technical and safety inspection.

Vehicle about to dip into the lake.

Vehicle was able to remain afloat after the inspector had tilted the vehicle ~30 degrees.

Vishel screaming with joy when the vehicle passed the floatation test.

Vehicle going back to the starting line up. This slope has caused many vehicles to slide back due to the muddy condition and helpers had to push or bring the vehicle back to the track with towing belts. Our vehicle has the capability to move up easily, thanks to Vishel who had designed the gear train during his Machine Design Class!

Members of the team AU.

Vehicle with Driver Vishel, after returning from the floatation test, waiting for the start of the four hour endurance race.

Vehicle moving ahead after the start of the race.