Assistantships and Grants

The Department offers a limited number of Graduate Assistantships each semester. These are distributed according to availability of funds, number
of applications and suitability for each position. Graduate Assistantships are awarded and renewed semester by semester. Students are encouraged to submit a Graduate Assistant Application form, a resume, and a summary of work experience and skills to apply for Graduate Assistantship opportunities.  The service rendered to the department is considered wages and is processed through the Student Labor Office. Graduate Assistantships receive biweekly paychecks. University policy determines the rate of pay. The average is $8-$10 per hour. 
Grants are a one-time amount of money awarded towards the student's tuition and credited to the student's account. Grants are limited by the availability
of funds. In addition to the possibility of assistance from the English department, Andrews University has just recently started offering a gradate scholarship based on results from the GRE. Click here for more information.