Graduate Courses

Below are courses commonly offered. Graduate students also have the option to take most 400-level courses for graduate credit, usually with the addition of a graduate project. Descriptions of these courses can be found here.

ENGL505             (1–2)


Study of and/or supervised practice in teaching college writing (section 01) or English as a sec­ond language (section 02). Repeatable to 4 cred­its. Prerequisite or corequisite for those teaching English as a second language: ENGL465.


ENGL520             (3)

The Christian Tradition

The study of noteworthy Christian literature, including works by authors such as John Milton, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and Flannery O'Connor. Also may include focus on Christian perspectives in response to literature.


ENGL525              (1–4)

Topics in ________

Study of selected topics in composition (Modern Rhetoric), language (Contrastive Analysis), or literature (Shakespeare, Literature on Location, or Drama). Topic and credit to be announced in advance. Repeatable to 12 credits with different subject matter.

ENGL530             Alt (3)

Discourse Analysis

Study of language function and supra-sentential structure with special emphasis on the contrasts between oral and written discourse. Prerequisites: ENGL460 and demonstration of grammar compe­tence by one of the following: ENGL300, an equivalent course, or departmental testing.


ENGL540             Alt (3)

Language and Culture

Study of language in the context of ethnology with emphases on (1) the effect of social vari­ables (including gender) on language use, and on (2) paralanguage (e.g., kinesics and proxemics). Prerequisite: ENGL460 or permission of instructor.


ENGL550             (3)

Study of Composition

Introduction to rhetorical and other principles involved in the writing process and in the teach­ing of composition to secondary-school and college students.


ENGL589              (3)

Graduate Seminar

Research projects, reports, and discussions. Seminars are offered in various subjects corre­sponding with faculty specialization and greatest library strength. Repeatable with different subject matter. Prerequisite: ENGL597.


ENGL590             (1–3)

Independent Study in English

Individualized reading or research in a specified area under the guidance of an instructor; admis­sion by the chair’s consent.


ENGL595              (1–2)

Project Research

Research and writing leading to the completion of the required project paper under the guidance of an instructor. Repeatable to 4 credits.


ENGL597              (3)

Research Methods

Research materials, methods of research, and documentation in English studies.


ENGL648              (1–4)


Intensive study on selected topics. As needed


ENGL650             $ (0)

Project Continuation

Student may register for this title while clearing deferred grade (DG) and/or incomplete (I) courses with advisor approval only. Registration for this title indicates full-time status.


ENGL655              $ (0)

Program Continuation

Students may register for this non-credit continuation course to maintain active status. For additional information on active status, please refer to p. 47 in the bulletin. Registration does not indicate full-time status.