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Mommy(or Daddy) and Me - 45 Minutes

This is a "parent and me" class that refines the gross and fine motor skills in a fun, positive way.  Beginning and ending circle time as well as stations of interest are combined with guided open play to create a class structure that is developmentally appropriate for the young toddler.

Gymfants - 45 Minutes

Movement education is the core of this class. It is designed for the “first-time” student. This class provides the beginner with the basic knowledge of gymnastics. The primary goals are for your child to learn all basic body positions, movement vocabulary, gym etiquette, and what the sport of gymnastics is all about.

Level 1 - 45 Minutes

More obstacles are introduced into the lessons and beginning tumbling moves are taught using a variety of teaching methods.  It is at this level that the development of spatial awareness becomes a bigger part of the class.


Level 2 - 1 hour

Intermediate level includes skills above the basics and a beginning emphasis on handstands. We begin to focus not only on coordination but also strength and flexibility. Basic tumbling moves are connected into tumbling passes and the development of spatial awareness is further developed to include moves occurring in the air.

Level 3 - 1 hour

This level introduces pre-advanced tumbling skills with some advanced tumbling skills. Handstands and hand-to-hand stunting are introduced and developed. Some rebound skills involving mini-tramp and trampoline are also introduced.

Cheer Stunting - 1 hour

This class involves learning from the most basic stunting to some advanced stunting based on the student's ability. Usually taught with groups of 6 or more. 2-1 stunting, basket tossing, single base stunting and transitional tumbling will be included in this section. Student should be a level three or four to be enrolled in this class.

Private Lessons - 1 hour

These lessons involve instruction with no more than a 2:1 student/teacher ratio. In this setting, the student receives a greater amount of instructional attention from the coach. These lessons can be arranged on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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