Upcoming Study Tours

Europe Study Tour

Date: May 6- May 31, 2019

Contact Person: Pedro Navia

Students will be visiting important historical sites, museums, cathedrals, traditional neighborhoods, and academic institutions as part of the cultural immersion. Also, they will attend presentations and lectures from guests. Speaking Spanish during the trip will be required in order to improve language skills and develop proficiency. 

Participating students will register for the following courses taught in the trip:

For Spanish minor or mayor:

ILGS 400 Topics in Latin American Culture (3 Credits) 

SPAN 436 Spanish-American Culture (3 Credits)


For General Education and/ or General Electives: Humanities 

ILGS 400  Topics in Western European Culture (3 Credits) 

SPAN 426 Contemporary Spain (3 Credits)

*For more information on a detailed itinerary please contact inls@andrews.edu.