Preparing for the MPE

Students who do not have assigned MPE equivalent score should take the MPE as soon as they come to campus (and complete their mathematics requirement during the first two years at Andrews). Students having a low MPE score will need more than one semester to complete their mathematics requirement. 

To do well on the MPE, students should assess their current math skills by taking the MPE self-test. The self-test is not a complete replica of the MPE, but a sampling of 25 questions similar to those on the MPE. The MPE has 50 questions and takes one hour, and students cannot use a calculator. Therefore, to get the best idea of where they stand, students should NOT use a calculator when working on the self-test and should limit themselves to about 30 minutes. Students may score themselves using the answers on the back page of the test.

Note: Unlike the self-test, the actual MPE is a multiple-choice test. 

The self-test has 5 sections that correspond to the 5 sections of the MPE:

  • Section 1 is arithmetic.
  • Sections 2 and 3 are elementary and intermediate algebra.
  • Sections 4 and 5 are precalculus.

To get a P2 score (to take MATH 145, 165, or166 or STAT 285), students need to do very well on sections 1-3.

To get a P4 or P5 score (to take General Physics or Calculus), students need to do well on all sections.

For trouble with section 1,  review arithmetic.

For trouble with sections 2 and 3, review algebra.

For trouble with sections 4 and 5, study precalculus.

The Web sites listed at the beginning of the MPE self-test may help students review.