Math Placement Exam

The purpose of placement criteria is to maximize student success in beginning mathematics courses by placing the student in a course at an appropriate level. We do not want students to take a course that is too hard for them or a course that they have already mastered. 

With a few exceptions, all undergraduate students must have a mathematics placement score before they can register for any mathematics course.  New students with ACT or SAT scores will have an assigned MPE score based on their performance on the math portion of the test.  If students believe this placement is inaccurate, then they should take the MPE as soon as possible. All other new students, including transfer students, must take the MPE during the first semester of residence and before taking any mathematics courses, subject to a few exceptions.

Courses named Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Mathematics, or Beginning Algebra will generally not be sufficient to meet the General Education requirement although taking them can help students score well in the MPE.

Information about the test. 


Taking the MPE promptly upon enrolling at Andrews is EXTREMELY important, and scoring well is also advantageous. Some students find that they need up to three semesters to complete their mathematics requirement, so students should not put off taking the test or completing the required mathematics classes. This is information no one wants to discover in his/her senior year!

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