Dare to Dream

The Dare to Dream Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship awarded to undergraduate students with exceptional ability and/or skills that will significantly impact the Andrews University campus community.

Students interested in this scholarship must:

  1. Show exceptional performance abilities and satisfactory academic skills
  2. Significantly impact our Department
  3. Exhibit extraordinary aptitude in areas of strategic importance for the Department
  4. Show interest and appreciation for the principles of Christian education provided by Andrews University

Apply before the January 1 deadline:

Some of our scholarship recipients share their experience

"Dare to Dream is a gift imparted by Andrews University that has driven me to work hard, discover my potential, embrace my passion and share with the world.”

Rachelle Gensolin,
BMus performance, piano


"The  Dare to Dream scholarship gave me a world of opportunities and the responsibility to make the best out of them. It gave me to confidence to dream big, shoot for the stars and become the outstanding professional I can grow into.”

Kenneth Andrade
2017 graduate, BA Music, trombone


"Dare to Dream means the opportunity to be a good steward of my God-given talents by exploring and cultivating them, so that I may use them to bless others."

Colin West,
BMus performance, voice

"The Dare to Dream  scholarship means to me opportunity and responsibility: opportunity to learn, interact, and serve and responsibility to make the best of my talents."

Danya Wilson
BMus performance, violin

Apply Before the January 1 Deadline