PHYS 440 Relativity

Who should take this course? PHYS 440 is for undergraduate physics majors and others who would like to learn about the theories of Special and General Relativity along with their applications to astrophysics.  The prerequisites for the course are Calculus I and II as well as an introductory physics course sequence that includes modern physics.

Instructor Tiffany Summerscales

Zoom class meetings Tuesday and Thursday 15:30-16:45 (Eastern Time US), August 29-November 19, 2020

Featuring Special and general relativity, relativistic cosmology, and gravitational waves

Textbook A General Relativity Workbook by Tomas A. Moore

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If you are not already enrolled as a student at Andrews University, you must first apply to Andrews University as a guest student. Once you have been admitted as a guest student, you can register for the course.


I've applied as a guest student and been accepted. I can't register for Relativity because the system says I haven't completed the prerequisites. What can I do?

Send an email to Tiffany Summerscales, the professor of PHYS 440 Relativity. Include your AU ID number and information on how you meet the prerequisites, and she can enter a prerequisite override so that your registration can be completed.

As a guest student, how do I know if I'm financially cleared?

Please log on to Registration Central and see if you have a check in the Financial Plan box for the fall semester.  If you do, you are financially cleared. If not, there are still steps you must take to be financially cleared.

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