Lauber Martins

Lauber Martins

Lauber Martins

Title: Adjunct Professor


2012: PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Florida State University
Dissertation title: Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Validation of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells and Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells

2005: MS, Mechanical Engineering: Thermal and Chemical Processes
Universidade Federal do Paraná
Thesis title: Mathematical modeling and real time simulation of a regenerator heat exchanger

2002: BS, Mechanical Engineering
Universidade Federal do Paraná


In 2007, Dr. Martins started to work as research assistant at Center for Advanced Power Systems –Florida State University where in 2012 received his Ph.D degree. His research field while at Florida State University was in thermal management of energy systems working with mathematical modeling and simulation of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and alkaline fuel cells aiming the development of computational tools for optimization.

In the fall of 2012, Dr. Martins started working as postdoctoral fellow at University of Pretoria, in South Africa. In the following year, he was appointed as senior lecturer at the mechanical and aeronautical engineering department at the same university. At University of Pretoria, Dr. Martins was the module coordinator of professional trainer for the undergraduate students and instructor for undergraduate and graduate classes of thermodynamics and advanced heat and mass transfer. He was also responsible for final year design and research projects of senior students. His research interests are fuel cells, heat transfer, thermodynamic optimization, sustainable energy, constructal theory, and energy systems.