Student Testimonies

"God called me to be a pastor right after my high school graduation. However, I was scared to listen. For three years I ran away from God, but since I accepted His call, God has shown me that He can use me. The Religion Department has offered me opportunities to be involved in different ministries that I did not think I would ever have the guts to do such as: giving Bible studies, preaching in an evangelistic meeting, and traveling to the holy lands. I am so thankful that God blessed me by bringing me to be part of the Andrews University Religion Department." Amy Moreno


“There is an old gospel chorus that I love to sing which says, ‘when God gets ready, you got to move.’ That is exactly what happened in my life. In January 2005, when I immigrated from Jamaica to the United States, I sought new opportunities and a professional career. Pastoral ministry was the last thing on my mind. I enrolled in college as a nursing major then switched to engineering, and then to human services. While I found that my grades were excellent and credits transferable, I just could not find any personal gratification. It was not until 2008—after an accident which nearly took my sight—that I received that profound call to become a pastor. God wanted this for me. He spoke to my soul and said, ‘It is not about you, it is what I can do through you.’ I embraced His message and embarked on a journey which eventually led me to Andrews University. Dr. Paul Petersen and the department embraced me with open arms. They fueled me to become the best minister I could be, and my time here has been the most important leg of my journey.” Courtney Morgan


“I am majoring in Theology with a Youth Ministry emphasis, and also studying for a Health and Fitness Ministry Certificate here at Andrews University. I was called into this program very unexpectedly, and didn’t even think that I would really be coming to A.U. until about a month before school began! I believe that God is guiding me and preparing the way for me to work in youth ministry, and I would like to someday be a youth pastor! The Religion Department has been an incredible place for me to learn, have fun, and further understand God’s wonderful plan for my life—and I hope yours too!” Courtney Jimenez


“After leaving the Christian faith and becoming a skeptic, I ran from God for a few years. It was through an evangelistic meeting in Grand Rapids, MI where I found my faith. After doing so much damage as a skeptic, thus a feeling as a debtor to Christ caused me to reverse the damage. So I became a Bible worker. While doing that, I felt called to go into pastoral ministry. Andrews University was the place I chose to get my degree. The faculty worked very favorably with me. Graduating in 2012, I have been hired by the Michigan Conference for pastoral work. I am excited to enter ministry and I am glad for the time I spent learning my Bible and theology here at Andrews University.” Nathaniel Gibbs