Student Testimonies

My name is Abel Siamubi. I am a Zambian. My parents discovered that I could sing at a very tender age and they have since then helped me develop my talent by giving me counsel on how to use this talent. Not only have they been giving me council but they have been supporting me to sing Jesus Christ to the world. Today, I am studying Theology at Andrews Univesity and alongside, I am singing with a group of dedicated determined young men called the Watchmen. Last week, 04/15/2017, this group of young men went to sing at Michigan City SDA Church. I could feel the presence of the Lord in the church as we were singing. Personally, I was just recovering from swollen tonsils. On that day, the Lord not only did he sing through me, he sang through us. At the end of the program, one old lady stopped me and said, "young man, tell the young to continue with music ministry in the Lord. For today, in a long time, I have been reminded of the God's goodness. thank you for the revival." Listening to those words energized me to sing more for the Lord and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people. I will early seek the savior; I will learn from him each day. I will follow in his footsteps. I will walk the narrow.

I will early seek the savior; I am not too young to go; In the pathway where he leads me not too young his will to know and teach.