STEM Boost

STEM Course Designed for Teachers

Earn 3 Academic Credits Toward Re-Certification

Begins June 17, 2019 Online; On-campus July 22 - 26, 2019

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Why: Equip yourself with classroom-friendly, hands-on STEM activities from a biblical perspective. The course is designed for teachers in both small and large school settings and offers inexpensive labs with easy set-up/clean-up.

Format: 5 weeks of flexible, online content coordinated with 1 week of accelerated hands-on lab experience on-campus (1 day per discipline - Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, and Physics)

Take Away: Complete the course with at least 5 ready-to-use STEM kits for your classroom and the knowledge and experience behind these activities to challenge your students.

Course Space Limit: 30 Teachers, first come first serve

Credit: 3 credits undergraduate (IDSC 425) or 3 credits graduate level (IDSC 525)
   $550 per credit hour (supported by the Lake Union & others for recertification)
   $200 lab fee (including 5 kits with easy setup/cleanup that will challenge and delight your students)

Commitment: This course is an intensive 6 week course. Plan to spend at least 3 hours minimum five days a week if taking the undergrad course and a minimum of 5 hours a day five days a week if taking the grad level course. The on-campus week will be 7-9 hour days in lab activities. Expect the online weeks to be flexible hours with peer and instructor interaction; meet the course deadlines at your convenience throughtout the week.

Course Topics:
   Biology - Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Amazing Molecular Machines
   Chemistry - Living in a World of Gases
   Engineering - The Design Process
   Math - Mathematical Reasoning & Algebraic Thinking in Practice
   Physics - Science Fair Projects
Accommodations: Click here to reserve accomodations during your week at Andrews University. Multiple housing options are listed. Make your reservation early to ensure your preference is available. Airbnb and Bed & Breakfasts are also available for your booking. See a list of area hotels/motels here.  
Optional Companion Program: While you are equipping yourself with STEM lab activities, your family may wish to visit local attractions like the Curious Kids Museum, fruit picking at local farms, or one of the many beaches of Lake Michigan closeby. Your children might like to participate in Flag Camp or Renaissance Kids (Architecture Camp) on campus, or join your spouse for a field trip to Battle Creek, South Bend, or Chicago. A listing of area attractions and addresses will be available upon request.
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