Graduate Stories

"I took LEAD 101 my first semester at Andrews and it definitely was something that made me love AU right off the bat. After I graduated, my interviewer for the Air Force asked me about the program and I got to describe, not only my Change Project, but how the ULead Program helped me understand myself better, and learn to communicate in a progressive way. I took Creative Problem Solving and I think my interviewer liked that too. A lot of applicants for my program had science and business classes, as all dental professionals should, but I was lucky enough to have classes in leadership showing proof on paper that I could be a valuable individual in more ways than one. Ultimately, I got hired and I think having that on my resume helped my family save $400,000 for dental school fees." 
-Elle Mauro
Loma Linda School of Dentistry
U.S. Air Force
"The Undergraduate Leadership Program at AU has brought me to where I see opportunities everywhere around me. It has helped me to see things from different angles, think more analytically, and initiate action. I believe that the program has helped me to believe in myself and the unique skills God has given to me. I've also come to realize that it's completely fine to be passionate about being upfront, taking initiative, and being in charge, as long as it is balanced by remembering that true leaders will always follow Jesus Christ's model of servant leadership."
-Francisco da Silva
Administrative Fellow at Kettering Health Network 
International Business
"I'm proud to say that I was the first person to graduate from Andrews University with a Minor in Leadership, when the program had first started. My Change Project and involvement with the Black Student Christian Forum was so impressive that I was offered a job as a Program Assistant for the Georgetown University Minority Mentoring Program. I have successfully defended my thesis in the Department of English and it has been accepted and published. I plan to work on my PhD at the University of Maryland where I was granted full funding for 5 years. While Andrews motto is to "seek knowledge, affirm faith, and change the world," I can say without a shadow of a doubt that in the ULead Program I was taught HOW to seek, affirm, and change. The program taught me to push the perimeter, to problem solve, think critically, and include my faith in my passion."
-Claudia Allen
Georgetown University Minority Mentoring Program
African American Literature 
"I firmly believe that the skills and knowledge I gained from my ULead classes helped better prepare me for my interview with the Central California Conference after graduation. I was able to clearly articulate my strengths and weaknesses, convey my personal mission statement and career goals, and was able to describe both my leadership style and the leadership styles I work well with. Interview aside, the practical skills I learned in the ULead Program were invaluable as they have helped me to better deal with conflict in the workplace, recognize excellent and poor leadership behaviors, and have given me insight in working with a team and delegating roles according to team member's strengths." 
-Kalissa Jardine
Central California Conference Youth Evangelism Team