Leadership Program Outline

What Is It?  The Undergraduate Leadership Certificate Program is an 11-credit academic program designed to enhance the value of your current undergraduate degree.  The Certificate will be noted in your academic transcript and formally recognized at graduation.  But because this program is primarily about developing people, it will also be noted in you!

Who Should Do It?  Leadership is not just for the select few who run for offices or enjoy getting up front.  Leadership involves many different kinds of people, in a wide variety of contexts.  Anyone can learn to participate in leadership.  And we think everyone should!  Whether you're planning to be an artist, an engineer, or a parent, being involved in leadership helps you grow!

What Will Be Required?  Here is an outline of the Certificate requirements:

1.  Introduction to Leadership (2 credits):  This course introduces you to key leadership principles and compentencies, and helps you develop a Leadership and Learning Plan (LLP) - your own personalized roadmap to growing as a leader.

2.  Leadership Cognate Courses (6 credits):  You will be able to choose selected courses from across the curriculum that are relevant to leadership development.  Some may already be required for your major, others you may choose to add as an elective.

3.  Change Project (2 credits):  You will design and complete a practical, change-based project in your academic discipline, church, or community.  Two hours of field-based credit will be arranged through the appropriate course number.  This is where you will practice and hone your leadership abilities.

4.  Leadership Capstone (1 credit):  This course assists you in completing an electronic portfolio that documents your growth as a leader, and focuses on transitioning your leadership skills and attributes into the world beyond college.

How Do I Start?

Begin by filling out the online application to the Undergraduate Leadership Certificate Program.  Then talk to your academic advisor about registering for LEAD 101, Introduction to Leadership.  This is where the program begins.

We look forward to learning and leading together!