Language Credit Program

In the CIEP Language Credit Program, students enrolled in universities outside of the U.S. can take our English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) classes for one year and earn academic credit. Participating in the Language Credit Program allows students to study English in an American university setting and experience American culture while communicating with native English speakers and English language learners from around the world. After one year of study, students return to their home institutions with academic credit to transfer toward the completion of their degrees.

ESL for Academic Credit

All of our ESL classes at all levels can be taken for academic credit. If you are just beginning your English language studies or if you just need to brush up your English after years of study, there is a place in the Language Credit Program for you!

Each class counts for 4 credits. Students can take three or four classes per semester (12 to 16 credits) for the Fall and the Spring semesters. A third Summer semester (12 credits) can also be taken in the Language Credit Program.


 Fall semester: August to December (16 weeks)
 Spring semester: January to May (16 weeks)
 Summer semester: June to July (8 weeks)

Tuition Costs

Tuition for the Language Credit Program is heavily discounted. At $450 per credit, students take the Language Credit Program at over 50% off regular university tuition.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, students take a full load of three classes for $5400 and take an optional fourth class at no additional charge. For the Summer semester, students pay for 10 credits ($4500) but take a full 12-credit load of three classes.

Please note: The above tuition rates are the costs of taking the classes only. An additional general fee will apply. Also, if you need to stay on campus and eat in the cafeteria, additional housing and dining costs will apply.

Apply for the Language Credit Program

To apply for the Language Credit Program, fill out the Language Credit Program Application and email it to

Contact Information

Contact CIEP at 1-269-471-2260 or email us at if you have any questions about the Language Credit Program.