Welcome to AICER

Your home for international research on education!

Welcome to the online portal for the Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER). AICER, headquartered on the campus of Andrews University, consists of a worldwide community of scholars and researchers. Our goal is to provide high quality research and evaluation services to clients around the world.  We are organized around a variety of research groups. Some research groups are topic focused (such as my Design, Development, and Evaluation Research Group), while others are organized around an individual or small group of researchers.

AICER researchers are always looking for new research projects and seek to be of service to educational institutions, agencies, and development organizations. Our researchers have received external funding from the National Science Foundation, other governmental sources, church organizations, and other private organizations. Our researchers also regularly receive competitive internal grants from Andrews University’s Office of Research & Creative Scholarship.

I invite you to look around our developing website to see the kinds of research and evaluation studies we have completed and those we are currently conducting. If you are interested in contracting with AICER for a research study or if you are a scholar interested in joining the AICER team of researchers, please contact us for more information.

Larry D. Burton, PhD
AICER Executive Director