School of Education Policy Manual


001 Introduction and Mission Statements
001.1 Introduction and Overview SED Policy
001.2 Andrews University Mission Statement AU Statement
001.3 School of Education Mission Statement SED Statement
002 Conceptual Framework
002.1 Conceptual Framework Policy SED Policy
002.1.1 Conceptual Framework Summary Document
002.1.2 Conceptual Framework Graphic Representation (pdf) Document
002.1.3 Conceptual Framework (Complete Document) Document
002.1.4 Conceptual Framework References Document
003 Assessment Policies

Assessment Validation Process

SED Policy
003.2 Annual Assessment Cycle and Data Collection SED Policy
003.3 Feedback Loop Process SED Policy
003.4 Follow-up Studies SED Policy
003.5 Assessment of Unit Operations SED Policy
003.6 Assessment Cycle Document
003.7 Assessment System Document
003.8 Annual Assessment Reports Document
004 Admissions and Recruiting Policies
004.1 School of Education Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.1 Teacher Preparation Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.2 Curriculum and Instruction Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.3 Special Education Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.4 K-12 Educational Administration Admissions Policies SED Policy
004.1.5 Higher Education Administration Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.6 Leadership Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.7 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Policies SED Policy
004.1.8 Educational Psychology Policies SED Policy
004.1.9 Counseling Psychology Policies SED Policy
004.1.10 School Psychology Admission Policies SED Policy
004.1.11 School Counseling Admission Policies SED Policy
004.2 Recruiting of Candidates for the School of Education SED Policy
004.3 Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Candidates SED Policy
005 Curriculum and Program Policies
005.1 School of Education Curriculum Policies SED Policy
005.1.1 Minimum Standards of Scholarship SED Policy
005.1.2 Curriculum Changes SED Policy
005.1.3 LiveText Use SED Policy
005.1.4 Written Style and Format Standards SED Policy
005.2 Teacher Education Program Curriculum Policies SED Policy
005.3 Curriculum and Instruction Program Curriculum Policies SED Policy
005.4 Special Education Program Curriculum Policies SED Policy
005.5 K-12 Educational Administration Program Curriculum Policies SED Policy
005.6 School Psychology Program Curriculum Policies SED Policy
005.7 School Counseling Program Curriculum Policies SED Policy
006 Field Experience and Clinical Practice Policies
006.1 Working Agreements with Field Experience, Clinical Practice, and Internship Partners SED Policy
006.2 Diversity in Field Experience Settings SED Policy
006.3 Candidate Entry to Field Experience and Clinical Practice SED Policy
006.4 Candidate Completion of Field Experiences and Clinical Practice SED Policy
006.5 Teacher Education Field Experience & Clinical Practice Policies SED Policy
006.6 Curriculum and Instruction Field Experience Policies SED Policy
006.7 Special Education Field Experience & Clinical Practice Policies SED Policy
006.8 K-12 Educational Administration Field Experience Policies SED Policy
006.9 School Psychology Field Experience & Clinical Practice Policies SED Policy
006.10 School Counseling Field Experience & Clinical Practice Policies SED Policy
007 Candidate (Student) Policies
007.1 SED Academic Advising Policy SED Policy
007.2 Candidate Counseling Services SED Policy
007.3 Candidate Rights Regarding Educational Records SED Policy
007.4 Candidate Complaint Procedure SED Policy
007.4.1 Resolution of Grade Complaints SED Policy
007.4.2 Resolution of All Other SED Complaints SED Policy
007.4.3 Record of Formal Appeals SED Policy
007.5 SED Policy on Grading SED Policy
007.6 Professional Dispositions SED Policy
007.6.1 Evaluation of Professional Dispositions SED Policy
007.7 Candidate Plans for Improvement SED Policy
007.8 Commitment to Candidate Diversity SED Policy
008 Faculty Policies
008.1 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy SED Policy
008.2 Recruiting a Diverse Faculty SED Policy
008.3 SED Faculty Load Policy SED Policy
008.4 Faculty Advising Responsibilities SED Policy
008.5 Timely Communication with Candidates SED Policy
008.6 Criteria for Selection of School Faculty SED Policy
008.7 Exceptional Expertise for Faculty Qualification SED Policy
008.8 Orientation of New SED Faculty (Including Adjunct) SED Policy
008.8.1 SED New Faculty Orientation Process SED Policy
008.8.2 Adjunct Faculty Orientation Process SED Policy
008.8.3 School Faculty Orientation Process SED Policy
008.9 SED Faculty Evaluation

SED Policy

008.9.1 School of Education Advisor Evaluation SED Policy
008.10 SED Adjunct Faculty Evaluation SED Policy
008.11 SED Clinical Faculty Evaluation SED Policy
008.12 Rank Promotion and Continuous Appointment of Faculty SED Policy
008.13 Employee Termination and Grievance Procedures SED Policy
008.14 SED Professional Development Policy SED Policy
008.15 SED Policy on Graduate Assistants SED Policy
008.16 Sabbatical Leave Policy SED Policy
008.17 SED Faculty and Staff Travel SED Policy
009 Unit (School of Education) Policies
009.1 Organization of the School of Education SED Policy
009.1.1 SED Organizational Structure Chart (pdf) SED Policy
009.2 School of Education Committees SED Policy
009.3 School of Education Budget Policy SED Policy
009.4 School of Education Computer and Network Policy SED Policy
010 Selected Andrews University Policies
010.1 Admission Policy and Procedure (2:425) (pdf) AU Policy
010.2 Academic Advising Policy (2:650:1) (pdf) AU Policy
010.3 Right to Access to and Privacy in Educational Records (Student Handbook) (pdf) AU Policy
010.4 Evaluation of Student Performance (2:437) (pdf) AU Policy
010.5 Equal Rights for Hired Personnel (2:110) (pdf) AU Policy
010.6 Faculty Load Policy (2:376) (pdf) AU Policy
010.7 Employment Expectations (2:143, 2:375) (pdf) AU Policy
010.8 Faculty Advising Responsibilities (2:165) (pdf) AU Policy
010.9 Adjunct Faculty Membership (2:123:2) (pdf) AU Policy
010.10 Faculty Evaluation Policy (2:326) (pdf) AU Policy
010.11 Criteria for Evaluation of Faculty Performance (Appendix 2-F) (pdf) AU Policy
010.12 Rank and Continuous Appointment (2:130, 131, 135, 136, 307, 308, 309, 310, 320) (pdf) AU Policy
010.13 Professional Development (2:378) (pdf) AU Policy
010.14 Policy on Graduate Assistants (2:164) (pdf) AU Policy
010.15 Sabbatical Leave Policy (2:346:2) (pdf) AU Policy
010.16 Faculty Leave (2:391-2:394) (pdf) AU Policy
010.17 Travel Policy (2:764, 768, 770) (pdf) AU Policy
010.18 AU Computers and Networks Usage Policy (1:762, 1:765) (pdf) AU Policy
011 Resources
  Assessment System  


  LiveText Resources (Tutorials, etc.)  
  Program Handbooks  
  New and Adjunct Faculty Handbook