Q: Who do I contact regarding general Certification questions?
A: Certification Registrar, Jeannie Wolfer
Phone# 269-471-3599
Email: wolferj@andrews.edu

Q: Who do I contact regarding general C&I information?
A: C&I Director, Charity Garcia
Phone # 269-271-3436
Fax Number: (1) 269-471-6374
Email: garcia@andrews.edu

Q: Who do I contact for general questions?
A: Administrative Assistant, Hannah Church
Phone# 269-471-3465
Phone# 1-800-253-2874 (ask for Teacher Certification)
Fax# 269-471-6374
Email: churchh@andrews.edu

Q: Who do I contact if I wish to visit the campus as a prospective student?
A:  Call 1-800-253-2874
      Email: enroll@andrews.edu
      Go to: http://www.andrews.edu/future/visit/
Q: How can I apply for admission?

A: Undergraduates: Call 1-800-253-2874 or go online (see URL for graduate students)                              Graduate:  apply online at: http://www.andrews.edu/future/apply/

Q: Is the application form the same for US and non-US citizens? 

A: Yes. However, if you are an international student you need to check the website above for additional information concerning international students only.

Q: What are some general Andrews University contact numbers?
A: The General Andrews University web page is http://www.andrews.edu
If calling from within the US 1-800-253-2874
If dialing from outside the US 269-471-7771

Q: Who do I contact regarding my application status etc.?

A: The Graduate Admissions Office
E-mail: graduate@andrews.edu
Phone# (269) 471-7771
Fax# 269-471-6246

A: Undergraduate Admission Office
E-mail: undergraduate@andrews.edu
Phone# 269-471-6343
Fax# 269-471-6246

Q: Can I find the Andrews University bulletin on the web?

A: Yes. http://www.andrews.edu/bulletin/index.php3

Q: How much is tuition?
A: http://www.andrews.edu/bulletin/
Click on the current year bulletin and scroll down until you see financial information. Then select from the drop down menu tution, fees.

Q: If I am an international student, how many credits do I need to sign up for each semester?
A: At least 8 semester credits if you are on campus all year around.

Q: Do I need a visa and an I-20 even if I am only coming in the summer?
A: All International Students need an I-20 and a visa to be able to study in the US