Dear C&I Orientation Participant:

Welcome to your Orientation into the Curriculum and Instruction Program!  We are excited you are one of our participants and look forward to getting to know you.  This site explains the events and what you can expect.

WHEN will Orientation take place?

Dates to be announced.  Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. At registration, on Monday morning, you will receive additional Orientation information and materials.

WHO needs to participate in Orientation?

All master’s, specialist, and doctoral students in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I), Leadership, and Educational Administration participate in this Orientation.  There will be general sessions and break-out sessions for participants in each of the programs.

WHERE will the Orientation take place?

Orientation will take place in Buller Hall at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 49104. You can see a map of the campus following this link: http://www.andrews.edu/about/visiting/campus_map.html

What is the PURPOSE of Orientation?

It is to help participants:

  • Get a taste of what your program will be like
  • Increase self-understanding and self-awareness—how they think, learn, interact, and much more.
  • Get acquainted with University personnel – especially your advisor.
  • Understand the Standards for the program and begin to develop your course plan.
  • Build a collegial network to foster success in your graduate studies.
  • Reduce any concerns you might have regarding your participation in online coursework.