Adventist Specialty Endorsement

This graduate certificate emphasizes teaching strategies for persons with disabilities and is in the form of an Adventist Specialty Endorsement. According to the 2010 NAD K-12 Educators’ Certification Manual, the following two Special Education endorsement options are offered:

Special Education-Adventist Specialty Endorsement

Specialty Endorsement – Issued to individuals holding a Basic, Standard, or Professional Teaching Certificate.
May be issued to an applicant who:

a. Qualifies for the elementary endorsement or a secondary content area endorsement.

b.  Has completed a minimum of tweve semester/eighteen quarter hours in special education and/or inclusive education (special needs in the regular classroom).


Special Education Specialist Endorsement

Professional Endorsement – Issued to individuals holding a Professional Teaching Certificate.
May be issued to an applicant who:

a. Qualifies for the special education endorsement.

b. Has completed a minimum of six semester/nine quarter hours of additional graduate-level work in special education/inclusive education and supporting courses.


Components of the Program:


SPED618 Legal and Ethical Issues in Schools 3CR
SPED645 Reading and Writing Assessment & Intervention 3CR
SPED630 Education of Students with Math Disabilities 3CR
SPED525 Psychology and Education ofExceptional Children 3 CR
  TOTAL for GC (NAD) Endorsement   12CR


Note: Persons completing certificate requirements who currently hold a standard

Adventist teaching credential will be recommended for an Adventist Specialty

endorsement in special education.


Interested in the Special Education MS Program?