MS Degree in Special Education

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The faculty, staff and candidates of the Department of Teaching, Learing & Curriculum (TLC) are pleased that you are interested in connecting with the MS program in Education. As the professional world continues to demand higher levels of knowledge and advanced degrees, graduate study is a wise and sophisticated step towards your career goal. The TLC Department is pleased to offer a comprehensive  program that includes courses that focus on learning, advanced instruction, worldview, and research.

Mission Statement

The School of Education's mission is to provide programs based on redemptive Christian worldview to prepare professionals for global services.


Why the Andrews University MS in Education Degree?

In addition to relevant coursework, invaluable real-world work experience, and an emphasis on Christian compassion, our programs also feature:

  • An Outstanding Faculty - Our programs are built upon and supported by a foundation of a dedicated and specialized faculty. We have a reputation for academic excellence, and our candidates enjoy a high rate of professional and personal success all over the world.
  • Accreditation - Our Teacher Preparation Programs are accredited by both the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and the State of Michigan as well as approved by the North American Division Office of Education of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
  • Certification - Candidates will be certified through the state of Michigan with an endorsement in Learning Disabilities or international candidates will complete and defend a thesis in accordance with the requirements of their country.
  • Exploratory Learning - Educator candidates are involved in an ongoing process exploring interrelationships among broad interdisciplinary perspectives, the Special Education profession, and their own knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Encouragement to promote improvement in the field of Special Education is developed through perspicacious study and the application of empirical research findings.
  • Small Class Sizes - In addition to quality educational experience, classes are small enough to provide a personal learning experience. Classes are often conducted conference style, promoting direct involved discussion between students, professors, and invited guests.
  • On-line Course Format – Some of our graduate level courses are offered on-line or through a web enhancement format, with plans for adding more.


Program Information

MS: Special Education/Learning Disabilities
The MS program leads to the Michigan State Certification in Special Education in the area of Learning Disabilities and a Masters in Science Degree in Education. MS candidates seeking certification must qualify for a valid State of Michigan teaching certificate before the degree can be granted. This includes passing the required  areas of the MTTC .

The MS program can be taken concurrently with the MAT program; this entails working on a general education and special education advance degree simultaneously. Special Education can satisfy as a major for the MAT program, so all of the MAT requirements must be fulfilled as indicated in the Bulletin and the Masters of Arts in Teaching Handbook.


Admission Information

For all candidates, the first step is to complete an Andrews University Graduate Application. Have all transcripts sent to the Certification Registrar in the Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Department. Candidates must also complete the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) before admission.  Candidates are required to meed with the Certification Registrar at the beginning of the first semester.


MS Program Procedures

  • Apply for admission to the Andrews University School of Education
  • Submit all transcripts for evaluation by the Certification Registrar
  • Develop a course plan in collaboration with advisor using outline of  requirements prepared by the Certification Registrar
  • Consistently pass gateway competencies
  • Apply for Advancement to Degree Candidacy
  • Pass the required areas of MTTC 
  • Apply for student teaching
  • Complete program and apply for teaching certificate
  • EACH of the areas must have a 3.0 overall GPA with no lower than a B- (2.67) in any course


MS in Education Course Plan - 43 credits

General Requirements - 15 Credits  


Phil. Foundations of Educ. & Psych.



Research Methods



Psychology of Learning 3CR


Human Development 3CR


Psychological Testing 3CR

Core - 19 credits


Behavior & Emotional Problems of Children



Psych & Educ of Exceptional Children 3CR


Graduate Student Teaching: SPED K-5



Graduate Student Teaching: SPED 6-12



Legal & Ethical Issues in Schools 3CR


Behavioral and Educational Assessment 3CR


Psychoeducational Consultation 3CR

Specialty - 9 credits
SPED554 Supervisory Skills of Special Education Support Staff 1CR


Instructional Design for Special Education



Education of Students with Math and Writing Disabiliies



Reading Assessment and Interventions

GDPC649 Crisis Intervention 1CR