Undergraduate Programs

Teacher Preparation Mission

The primary aim of the Andrews University teacher preparation program (BA, BS, MAT) is to prepare teachers who are competent, compassionate and committed to quality education. Upon completion of the professional education program, the pre-service teacher demostrates knowledge and skill in the following areas:

  1. Worldview
  2. Human growth and change
  3. Groups, leadership and change
  4. Communication and technology
  5. Research and evaluation
  6. Personal and professional growth
  7. Content knowledge
Phases of Teacher Preparation Program

Undergaduate and graduate teacher preparation at Andrews University is a three-phase process. Students proceed through the teacher preparation program via a series of formal applications and evaluations. The three phases of the program are:

    1. Pre-Teacher Preparation (contains General Education)
    2. Teacher Preparation (contains Professional Education requirements plus major and minors)
    3. Student Teaching
      1. Admission to Student Teaching
      2. Admission Student Teaching Semester
      3. Student Teaching Placement

BS in  Elementary Education


Integrated Science Major

Language Arts Major

Social Studies Major


Integrated Science Minor

Language Arts Minor

Reading Minor


Students in the Elementary Education program must include the Planned Program minor and one subject content major or two minors. When two minors are chosen, they should be chosen from different groups and at least one should be a subject area commonly taught in elementary schools (indicated with a * - see table)

BS Secondary Education

Integrated Science Major

Social Studies Major

See Content Majors and Minors for Secondary Certification Table


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