Course Description

Seminar in Medical Laboratory Science
Literature review of current laboratory science topics.  A service based activity addressing a relevant issue in laboratory science required.  Admission by permission of graduate program coordinator.

MLSC561 (3)
Laboratory Management Issues and Strategies
The health-care environment is rapidly changing, and will continue to change in the foreseeable future. In the clinical laboratory, ever-changing government regulations and reimbursement policies require a laboratory manager to be flexible and adopt new skills. Issues faced by the manager and styles and strategies used to deal with these issues are explored. Prerequisite: Permission of Graduate Program Coordinator.

MLSC562 (3)
Issues in Laboratory Regulations and Practice
Clinical laboratories are increasingly regulated by state, federal and other agencies. Applicable regulations will be examined and their impact on laboratory operations evaluated. A selected number of laboratory quality assurance procedures, as specified by CLIA '88 regulations, will be performed in the laboratory. Prerequisites: Statistics and permission of Graduate Program Coordinator.

MLSC585 (5)
Applied Studies in Medical Laboratory Science
Designed in consultation with and coordinated by the area specialty advisor. A proposal, cumulative report, presentation, and defense required. Prerequisite: certification and/or licensure as a medical laboratory scientist and permission of Graduate Program Coordinator. Clinical placement depends on clinical site availability.

MLSC595 (1-4)
Independent Study/Readings/Research Project
Topics may be from immunology, immunohematology, clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology and other areas of patient care science, medical laboratory science education, management, or applications especially relevant to clinical laboratories. Repeatable in a different subject area for a total of four (4) credits. Independent readings earn S/U grades. Prerequisite: Permission of Graduate Program Coordinator.

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