2014-2015 Clinical Year Students Research Projects

 Perception of MLS as a major for pre-medicine students: freshmen vs. Junior and senior pre-medicine students – a survey to determine what factors are important to a pre-medicine student in choosing a major. Researchers: Alexis Chang, Vanessa Hutauruk. Mentor: Tasha Simpson.

Reduction of cellular debris with magnetically charged coffee grounds for identification of Mycobacterium species with acridine orange stain. Researchers: Tiffany Turner, Allison Ward, and Trevor Zimmerman. Mentor: Daniel F. M. González.

The T-Cell ontogeny game: an alternative teaching method for Medical Laboratory Science majors at the fundamental level. Researchers: Karl De la Cruz, Ervin Mitra, and Loran Ong. Mentors: Aileen Hyde and Daniel F. M. González.

Utilization of research in necrotizing fasciitis to enhance relevance for Medical Laboratory Science students. Researchers: Jake Abalorio, Cheryl Christie, and Victoria Thona. Mentors: Aileen Hyde and Daniel F. M. González.

Peripheral blood smear slide preparation and staining – An educational module. Researchers: Cynthia Salome, Kelcey Sarno, and Watson Situmorang. Mentor: Timothy A. Newkirk.

Identification of biomarkers and analytical methods for early detection of preeclampsia: a meta-analysis of relevant studies. Researchers: Fairlyn Ditta, John Robertson, and Timothy Tampubolon. Mentor: Daniel F. M. González.

Learning IMViC reactions: An educational module. Researchers: Emil Harty, Valentine Igilimbabazi, and Erick Nazareno. Mentor: Aileen Hyde and Daniel F. M. González.

Microbes in our midst: An investigation of bacteria present on mobile phones of Andrews University students and faculty. Researchers: Awatif Alenazi, Ffrances Famorcan, and Lauryn Stiles. Mentor: Timothy Newkirk.

Comparison between historical treatments for amynotrophic lateral sclerosis. Researchers: Andrey Ivanov, Molly Kivumbi, and Elise Theodore. Mentor: Tasha Simpson.