Why Study at Andrews?

Because our approach to education centers on the whole you—Body, Mind and Spirit

We encompass you with quality instruction on healthful living that begins with your own person. Upon this foundation, we strive to prepare healthcare professionals who can contribute to the restoration of other individuals physically, mentally and spiritually.

With this concept at the core of our curriculum, we also provide you with an instruction that is…


Our students connect with subject matter with their own eyes, ears and hands by receiving clinical instruction in a variety of supervised experiences and internship opportunities.

We also offer you immediate access as a professional healthcare provider in an acute care setting while you are still a student, which increases your salary offers upon graduation.

Provided by Active Professionals:

Here, you will connect with teachers who maintain current practice in their specialties. In the classroom, they incorporate and address issues relating to their areas of the nursing profession. Accreditation teams have identified our dedicated, caring, committed faculty as a pattern of strength in our program.

Founded in Christian Philosophy:

Most importantly, our program is based on the conceptual framework of "restoration to the image of God."

The training we offer is based on cutting-edge science as well as restorative recommendations from the Spirit of Prophecy—recommendations that have been validated by present-day scientists.

In fact, area hospital staff and patients have identified our students’ exceptional skills and knowledge within this spiritual structure as a positive quality.

Our motivation is Christian care and our practice is Christian service.

Culturally and Socially Comprehensive:

Students complete our program with the unique experience of studying, socializing and providing care within a diverse group of people.

Students study, work and interact in a broad and multi-cultural socioeconomic population.

Our campus is known for its cultural diversity, and clinical fieldwork occurs across all socioeconomic levels.

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